Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing up

I tend to get down every 6 months or so. It generally has something to do with me realizing that all of my high school, college, and dental school friends are growing up, and we are all growing apart. It really hurts. Justin says I put my best friends in baskets, and then the baskets tend to move away.

As depressing as that is, he tried to cheer me up. He decided that all I needed was some girl talk. Here is his version of "girl talk":

J: Let's talk about that show that you like. You know it's the Hollywood Hills, or something like that.
C: It's The Hills. Don't talk about this if you are just going to make fun of me.
J: No, we are doing girl talk. I love The Hills! But man, that Lou is such a bitch to Miranda!
C: Miranda? That would be Sex and the City. And who is Lou? Thanks for trying!


Ryan and Stacey said...

Hey! So glad I found your blog!

Cristie said...

Yea! I officially have someone who reads this besides Justin!