Tuesday, December 29, 2009

8 months old

Jason is 8 months old today! Since I guess Justin got tired of me irritating him about the 7 month pictures, he went ahead and did these 8 month photos! Plus, I think he's wanting to make a new business card, and needed Jason as a model. Luckily, our son doesn't mind taking pictures. In fact, I think he rather likes it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My oldest son

Bread is the first animal that I've ever had live in the house with me. As I was growing up, I always had a dog or cat that lived outside, but my mom was really strict about animals living in the house. Although, my brother has a cat that lives in the house with them now, but I guess that's neither here nor there. Anyway, there's something different about the relationship that you develop with an animal that you share life day in and day out with. They stop being just another animal, and become a member of the family.

Butter, the cat, is a woman unto herself. She will only allow you to hold her when she deems fit. Since Rocko died, that h
as happened more often, but she still will not let you hold her unless she is in the mood. Peanut, the Australian Shepherd, is the consummate family dog. He is only happy when he has the whole family in one room. If we are not all in the same room, he will shepherd us together, or go crazy trying! Bread, the Pomeranian, has always been my dog. He is constantly by my side, and I love him dearly!

When Justin was taking the 7 month photos of Jason, he decided to take a few shots of my first baby. This one was my favorite:

Oh what fun it is to try...

to take a Christmas card photo! For the past 5 years, I have taken pride in getting a good family Christmas photo to send with Christmas cards. With 2 dogs (and at one point, 3 dogs) and a cat, it has always been a handful, but still manageable. Well, throw a baby into the mix, and it is just plain crazy! Our friend Bill came over to help with taking the photo, but next year, I think I will get two people to come over. We really need one person to take the photo, and another to get everyone's attention.

As we were looking through all the shots (over 100), there was really only one that would work. And, it was one of the first ones. We should have quit while we were ahead! But, we sure did get some really funny ones. I wanted to share what all we went through so that I could keep the tradition going for the sixth year. Enjoy!

Peanut was not being cooperative.

Everyone, except for me, is not looking at the camera!

This one is just silly

Now, Justin's looking, but no one else is. Peanut's head isn't even in the shot.

I particularly like Jason's and Bread's faces in this one!

And finally, I gave up on everyone looking, and just picked the best one of the humans! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sippy cups and growing up

He's getting so big so quickly! I can't get over how he keeps learning new stuff each day!

The contractor's wife's house never gets built...

and the photographer's baby never gets professional photos! Well, almost never. I had been bugging Justin to take Jason's 6 month pictures. Other babies get those all the time! In fact, we have taken 6 month photos of other babies. I have been threatening to just take Jason to Wal-Mart. Well, the 6 month photos never got taken. One day after his 7 month birthday, Justin took these. He said they counted as 6 month photos since Jason was 5 weeks early. Whatever. Just enjoy the photos!