Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scary stuff

I used to have high blood pressure and took medication for it since 2006. However, when I got pregnant, my blood pressure dropped, so my doctor took me off of the medicine. My blood pressure has stayed down until last week. When I was doing a routine BP check, it was really high. So, I called my doctor, and had to go in last Wednesday. They put me back on medicine, and told me to come in Friday.

Oh, and I had to "collect" a 24 hour urine sample. Talk about fun! If you haven't had the pleasure, a 24 hour urine sample is pretty much what you think it is, except you have to keep the pee REFRIGERATED. Imagine how much a 8.5 month pregnant person pees in the night, and imagine having to catch all that pee and refrigerate it. It was a blast.

I came in Friday, and my blood pressure was 163/105. They made me lay down, and took it again. It wasn't much better, so the doctor wanted me to go over to labor and delivery after we did a biophysical profile.
They did a sonogram and a biophysical profile test on Jason. He weighs 4 pounds 11 ounces, and scored an 8 out of 8 on the test. He's a little on the small side, which is common for white boys, or so I'm told. My doctor then informed me that we might be having this baby Sunday or earlier if my blood pressure didn't go down. If it did go down, he said I would be on bedrest.

I have not cried once this whole pregnancy. Well, I had a total break down when he told me this. I didn't know what I was going to do with my office, my baby wasn't ready to come out, and I wasn't ready for him either! He still needed time to ripen! I boo-hooed the whole way to the hospital. They wouldn't let me walk either, so I looked really pitiful riding in a wheelchair down the hall. Plus, I had told Justin not to come to the appointment with me since it would be routine. So, here I was, all alone, pitiful.

Luckily, Justin got to the hospital room right after I had changed into my hospital gown. I must have freaked him out. I have no clue how he made it that quickly, but I am so lucky to have him. He helped me calm down a lot.

Turns out I have pre-eclampsia, which is marked by blood pressure and protein in urine. It can lead to eclampsia, which is where the mom has seizures and the baby can die. So, they are putting me on bedrest. Dr. Gebhart came in this morning and said that he's going to try to keep Jason in there for 2 more weeks, which will put us at the 37 week mark, which is a healthy time to have a baby. Luckily, my blood pressure has stabilized, and will hopefully stay that way. Just keep me in your prayers! Looks like I have 2 boring weeks ahead of me.

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The Touchstone's said...

At least it is only 2 weeks! You can do it, and when it is all over with, it will be so worth it. You will have that precious baby to kiss and hug all over. I am so excited! I just cannot wait. I think about it all the time!