Saturday, April 11, 2009

More applique fun!

Okay, after I went to Hancock Fabrics, I realize this might be getting out of hand. But, if I can't have a cute little girl to dress up girly, I can at least have a stylish little boy. I know they live in onesies, so at least his onesies will be cute! This one was hard, since I'm not really good at sewing on a curve, but I don't think he will mind.
First, you need a onesie, a printed out letter in a font you like, fabric, and fusible webbing. I used Wonder Under brand, but I'm sure any kind works well. Iron on the fusible webbing to the backside of the decorative fabric (following the directions of your webbing), and trace your letter on it. Then, cut it out, peel off the paper, and iron it onto the onesie. Technically, you can leave it at this point, but the final step makes it pop. Then, sew around the letter. This helps hold it on and keeps the letter from fraying. Just be careful to not sew two pieces of the onesie together. Those 0-3 month onesies are tiny!
Final product:Next projects: onesies with bowties and cute burp cloths.


The Touchstone's said...

That's really cute! At least your nesting is productive. My nesting was just busting my hump mopping and stuff. Oh and moving 3 times!

kristina said...

cute!!! we should have should hang out and do some sewing sometime, i didn't know you sew!!! i'm a complete addict lol