Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some things I don't want to forget...

Jason has been doing some silly and sweet things recently, and I'm afraid I will forget them if I don't write them down.

 - He loves to walk around with a blanket (which he calls Bah-Bah) over his head, pull it off, and yell "Pee-pie!"
- He calls oranges "rahr-raaange" and bananas "bah-lither-lithers".  I don't understand the banana thing, since he can say ba and nana quite well.  It is really cute, and Justin and I have found ourselves calling them bahlitherlithers too.
- The dogs are "pah-pees" and Butter is still "Bah".  She's been called that since Jason first started talking.
- Jason loves to blow kisses at everyone.  It's so cute. 
- When he wants milk, he says "malll-kuh".  And if you don't get him milk, he will say "mall-kuh-kuh-kuh".  He also calls all drinks milk, but he does know how to say juice.
- Yes is pronounced "yesh" and please is "peas".  
- He has busted his chin several times, so when he's pointing out the features of the face, he points to his chin and says "ouch".  
- Ear is "ee-yur".
- He refuses to say nose.  He can name everything on the face, but he will not say nose.  I can't figure this out.
- He can tell you the sound of a ton of animals.  Cats (which he calls "cacks") say "ee-how".  Goats say "knee" instead of nay.  Peacocks are "pee-pops" in our house.
- Our boy can get down.  He loves to dance, and seems to dance the most to bluesy-jazz music. 
- When I showed him the ladder to the slide, he looked at me like "Why haven't you shown me this before?" and climbed right up to the top.
- He says hey and bye to everyone he sees.  I think he is the happiest and sweetest baby I've ever met.

Oh, how I love this boy!

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The Touchstone's said...

this is one of my favorite posts you have ever done! IT's good to document this stuff. They grow up too fast!